Do you have psychic friends?


Step right up...Have your mood guessed for a buck!

Sure, you can have your friends deal out a deck of tarot cards, have someone feel the bumps on your head, see a fortune teller or gaze into a crystal ball, but who knows you better than you? Nobody can read your mind (and sometimes that's a good thing!) but wouldn't it just be easier sometimes? Why make your friends try to guess what you're feeling?  Tell them to put away the tea leaves, stop charting the stars, and let Emoodicons  do the talking for you!

What's your sign baby? Freebie Emoodicon idea for our contest: How about a zodiac design?

Photo credit: a remix of "psychic" by The She-Creature

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Rings are on the way!

Woo hoo! Just got confirmation that our first order of rings has been shipped and should be arriving soon!


This is pretty exciting. I can't wait to send out rings to some of the people who've helped us along the way. The Emoodicon discs are at the printers' also and should be done by the last week of March. So, by April we'll be ready to ship on the drop of a hat. It's been a long wait, even though we really went much faster than I thought we would.

Kinda feels like the being a little kid in mid-December right now.

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The first emoodicon?


Think showing the world what 's going on with your cool Emoodicon ring is a new idea?

The Victorians had their own version of Emoodicons, but they said it with flowers. At that time it was the rage to carry or give small bouquets called "tussie-mussies."  These bouquets, using different combinations of flowers, conveyed secret messages.  Red roses meant passion, daisies stood for purity, while cabbage stood for profit (ever try carrying a cabbage around? I think you would get strange looks rather than cash...)

Here's a freebie idea: Why not bring back a bit of the Victorian romantic style and enter our contest with your own "tussie-mussie" or other floral design?      @-->-->---

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Our First Contest Entry!

Ine Totland sent in this photo for our Make A Face Contest! Thanks, Ine! The caption reads: "Me on a good day!"


(note to Ine: I didn't get your real email address, which we'll need if you win! Please resend it if you see this post).

If you'd like to enter a photo for a chance to win an Emoodicon Ring, you can do so here. And be sure to tell all your friends to come vote for your entry using the star rating widget!

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Bleep robot emoticon set

bleep robot emoticon set


Bleep's origins are hazy.  Some say he came to Earth after hitching a ride on a passing comet.  Others have heard that he was the most successful experiment of a genius who toiled away for years trying to create the perfect coffee grinder.  A consummate helper, Bleep is always able to lend a hand around the house, and he is well-versed in automotive and aerospace technologies, as well as in the intricacies of cross-stitch.  Although you'd think he'd be into electronica, Bleep's favorite song is actually John Cage's 4'33".  Bleep digs irony.

You can send mail to Bleep at [email protected].

Note: Please do not ask Bleep if he is related to C-3PO, R2-D2 or the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.  He hates that.


kitteh - a cute new emoticon design from emoodicon


Kitteh is a curious, fun-loving feline.  His early days were challenging, and Kitteh grew up as one of a litter of eight kittens born to his barn cat mother and father in the wilds of central Kansas.

Beginning at a young age, Kitteh was constantly scaring his mother with practical jokes and by way of an ever-increasing number of risky stunts.  (The story of The Great Hay Loft Leap, as it is now known, still is told in hushed tones in Barton County from time-to-time.)  This led to his joining Cirque du Au Lait as an acrobat, where he was cast as the lead in the Cirque production of Mew, with which he toured six continents.

Now a successful entertainer, Kitteh keeps residences in Sun Valley, New York and London. You can send Kitteh mail at [email protected].

What The Heck Are Emoodicons?

Emoodicons are wearable art designed for and by people like you (check out the story of how got started.) 

Emoodicons are a new idea in mood jewelry… instead of telling you what mood you're in (which you probably already know), Emoodicons let you choose what you want to tell the world. They hold a bunch of discs printed with cool emoticons…just open it up and put the mood you're feeling on top!

Emoodicons are fun, they're funny, and most importantly, YOU get to be in control.  Will Kitteh be telling the world that you're on top of the world?  Do you want Bleep to let everyone know that, in no uncertain terms, the You Don't Like Mondays?  Take your pick!  (Each character has over 20 Emoodicons You can change them as often as you like, since you can stash the extra inserts inside a secret compartment in the ring itself!)

Submit your emoticon design Vote on emoticon designs make a face Win a ring
Are you Feelin’ it?

Emoodicons rock… But we need your help to make them rock even harder! We want you— the hip, the funky, the chosen few, to design our next Emoodicons.

Who wouldn’t want to see their designs featured on the most stylin’ hands world wide?

Submit a set of 24 Emoodicons, and baby, you could be a star!

You be "the Decider"

How will we ever choose?

We won’t. You will.

Vote on the entries you like best using our five star rating system.

Vote on as many as you want, but only vote once per entry.

We’ll pick the winner based on your ratings and comments.
Show us your best face!

All you gotta do is imitate your favorite Emoodicon.

Smile and say “cheese,” frown and say “brussel sprouts,” it’s up to you.

Send us your pic(s) and a short description (100 words or less). Each month’s winner will receive a ring!


Smile inside

Candysmile I know your momma told you never to take candy from strangers, and she was probably right! But we've included a little sugar sweet with your Emoodicon ring just to set you off on a good mood so that you can start with a smile!

Visit Our Store

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Click here to get your own amazing Emoodicon ring!


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