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Print quality images for the press

The images below link to print quality pictures from our first photo shoot. If you use them in a magazine or newspaper article, we'd really like to have a copy for our archive. Please send to:

Emoodicon, LLC
3014 S. M 66 Hwy
Mancelona, MI 49659

If you are looking for a high res version of other images you see on the website, please email us from  our Media Inquiries page. Include the URL of the page where you saw it and a quick description of the image in question and we'll do our best to get it to you (some images on the site only exist in screen resolution).

Kittehemoodiconring Bleepemoodiconring Emoodiconthreads Emoodiconopen
Emoodiconset Emoodiconinserts Emoodiconinsertsbleep Emoodiconinsertskitteh
enlarge click thumbnail to download print quality image.
Publication rights require artist attribution  and inclusion of URL (www.emoodicon.com).


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