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Free Twitter Background Featuring Kitteh Emoodicons

I was doing a quick search for my name on Tweetscan yesterday and noticed the following two tweets:

Marisa: omg where did @johntunger get his wallpaper? I love it ~
Maia Bittner: @mari_posa I'm guessing @johntunger got his wallpaper from here: http://emoodicon.com

So it occurred to me that I should share my twitter wallpaper! I hadn't really thought of giving it away until I saw people asking about it.

Click one of the images below to download a copy which you can use on your own Twitter page if you like. If you need instructions on how to add it to your twitter page, you can find them here.

I'm posting two versions… One with a logo and one without. It'd be nice if people used the logo version just so that people can see where you got it, but I'd be happy to have people enjoy either version.

I'll do a set with Bleep the Robot if anyone leaves a comment requesting it.


Twitter background image wallpaper kitty icons Twitter background image wallpaper kitty icons
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Maia Bittner

haha, sweet :)

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