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I need suggestions for a one line description of Emoodicon

I'm trying to come up with a quick, easy, one line way to describe the rings. A headline. Something that gets across the idea that they let you display your mood in real life the same as you would by using emoticons online but with more exciting language. It's harder than it sounds.

Here's a few of the attempts so far:

  • Blog bling for the real world
  • First there was the mood ring, now there's the 'tude ring - brings your online emoticons to your real life
  • Set your to mood display in the real world
  • Show them how you really feel!
  • Share your mood with your world

None of those quite does it for me… I kinda like the first one, but since emoticons are used all over the web and not just on blogs, it falls a little bit short.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Hit me with it in the comments!

I'm Feeling: k-skeptical



Hi, I came over from BL Ochman's site (www.whatsnextblog.com). I like your product and I can tell it is going to be infectious - like your enthusiasm. I had some fun brainstorming...thanks and best of luck to you. You have good ideas - maybe some of these can help too:

Let emotional freedom bling.

It’s glamorous to wear your emotions on your ring.

Wear your emotions on your ring.

Accessorize with your emotions.

Emotional bling for your IRL conversations.

Display your precious emotions – even when you’re offline.

Keeping emotions precious IRL.

Keep your emotions precious IRL.

John T Unger

Thanks for the suggestions, JP!

I really like "Accessorize with your emotions."

"Let emotional freedom bling." is fun too!

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